Pool Leak Detection

Swimming Pool Leak Detection and Remediation

If you're having a hard time keeping your pool full of water, perhaps it's time to contact us. A leaking pool can increase your water bill, upset your pool chemistry and potentially damage your equipment -- all costing you unnecessary money.

If your pool's water level decreases by more than one-quarter of an inch per day or two inches per week (typically evaporation), you likely have a leak. Other tell-tale signs of leaks include:

Underground leaks can be cracks or breaks created by temperature gradients (such as freezing and thawing cycles), tree roots compressing piping, vehicles or heavy equipment that crack or crush piping or countless other causes. Our solution minimizes the disruptions to decks, hardscapes and landscaping by locating the source of the leak.

Rather than tear up your entire yard, Ocean North Pools employs advanced acoustical technology to precisely detect the location of your leak so it can be properly and efficiently corrected.

If your pool requires additional water on a regular basis, we can help you reduce frustration and save money.