Pool Automation

Swimming Pool Automation and Energy Efficiency

Like the technological advances in home security systems, leading pool equipment manufacturers are also changing how pools are enjoyed and controlled.

Today it is possible to control pool lighting, pool and spa temperatures, water features, landscape lighting and additional outdoor items directly from your computer, mobile phone, tablet or wireless remote. These automation systems can also monitor chlorine levels, pH levels and cleaning schedules while reducing energy consumption -- generating alerts when your pool needs attention.

Perhaps among the greatest energy savers are variable speed pumps -- adjusting the speed of the pump (and energy consumption) based upon need. This approach fundamentally differs from traditional pumps which always operate at full speed and consume a constant, high level of electricity.

We are proud to offer automation systems and variable speed pumps from leading manufacturers like Hayward. The systems we install are intuitive, easy to use, expandable and energy efficient enabling you to control and enjoy your pool and surroundings like never before.

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